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Pabineau First Nation AGA Zoom meeting is available for streaming.

Note that the meeting Starts at Minute 21:18 for the Video and Audio Feed. Technical difficulty before that point.

Passcode: XY$y#g3H

Chief Terry Richardson is the recipient of the Platinum Jubilee Medal.

It is a great honour and we wish to celebrate this accomplishment with him. 

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Wela'lieg to everyone who attended the
re-launch of our annual pow-wow here
at Pabineau First Nation!

It was a huge success! To our amazing sponsors and volunteers, cultural practitioners, dancers, drummers, MC, our vendors, the kitchen crew for the incredible meals, set- up crew, security, youth volunteers, Denis Landry, MP Serge Cormier, Armed Forces, RCMP, community and beautiful region and beyond, we could not have done it without your strong support! 
Thanks for coming out for a truly beautiful weekend of culture and sharing! 

We are looking forward to next year!

Passcode: @f+fQM9R

A message from Cheif Terry
and the council members:

Dear members,

As you all are probably aware, Pabineau was a band who signed on to the water settlement two years ago. There is some confusion about who qualifies and the process we must follow. To explain more, we are in the initial process of signing a BCR, which is the first step. Next, it will be forwarding a list of band members who lived in the community for that period of time that will qualify which members are eligible for a financial settlement. We have asked the law firm involved to do a zoom presentation so that it can be more straightforward for members who are applying.

We are looking forward to providing this presentation shortly and ask for your patience.

Chief and Council

The community of Pabineau First Nation welcome a new chief and council.
From left to right; Chief Terry Richardson, Councillors Carolyn Fraser, Susan Motty
and Jim Richardson

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New Brunswick?

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National Youth Services

What’s New


December 2021

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Partnership opportunities

New partnership and new opportunities!

A partnership was recently formed between Ulnooweg Indigenous Communities Foundation (UICF) and Mastercard Foundation to create an innovative program that will support meaningful, long term change for Indigenous youth in the Atlantic Region.

See details here!