Robert Kryzsko
Special Research and Programs Coordinator

In the past, Pabineau seen plenty of deer on our reserve land; deer on First Nation land is called the “Spirit Deer”. However, our Spirit Deer have been declining drastically since 1993. We believe that it is time we protect our Spirit Deer by preserving woodland specifically beneficial for the Spirit Deer. Moreover, it will benefit Pabineau members spiritually, mentally and psychically. Historically, it is said by many Mig’mags that there should be (1) Spirit Deer for every (10) members.
The White Cedar Swamp Preservation Project’s goal is to increase the deer population in Pabineau and nearby surrounding areas. Therefore, Pabineau proposes a Preservation site especially for deer protection throughout the entire 4 seasons. The site is natural old forest growth (majority cedar swell) which is best for deer protection, and Pabineau First Nation wants to save the cedar swamp so the deer can have a suitable place for their needs. The deer gather up in and around the white cedar swamp area for food, water and shelter/protection from the elements.
The Pabineau First Nation White Cedar Swamp Project will not be open to the public because we want our Spirit Deer to live in peace and harmony in their natural habitat and not be a tourist attraction. In addition, the preservation site will be open for members of Pabineau for gathering the medicine cedar for spiritual and ceremonial purposes.

The Pabineau First Nation received funding from the New Brunswick Environmental Trust Fund (NBETF); “Your Environmental Trust Fund at Work”.


The Chief and Council and Membership of Pabineau sincerely appreciates the NBETF support and financial assistance towards preserving and protecting our Spirit Deer and our old cedar forest for many generations.