Sandra Des Roches
Social Development Administrator
506-548-9211 Ext # 128

The fundamental purpose of social assistance is to assist those in need of financial aid.

It is the mission of the Pabineau First Nation Social Development Program to enhance the quality of life and self-sufficiency of people in need of financial and social services. We provide leadership, advocacy, planning and delivery of these services in partnership with public and private organizations. As the Social Development Administrator, I am dedicated to providing services with respect, compassion and accountability.

Services Offered:
Financial Assistance:
  • Basic Needs
  • Rent/Board
  • Utilities
  • Medical Needs
  • Special Needs
  • Medical Transportation
  • Fuel
Special Diets

“Assistance is provided to all individuals and families on the reserve who meet eligibility requirements.”

“The Social Development Program provides income support and related services to individuals residing on-reserve, who are deemed to be in need.”
Responsibilities of the Social Administrator:
  • Prepare and administer N.B. Power expenses, as well as fuel, Prepare and forward consent for recipients to utilize benefits for pharmacies, doctors, medical travel, etc.
  • Conduct health inspections for rentals
  • Establish and maintain a rapport with HRDC and Social Services, as well as pharmacies, doctors, N.B. Power, and a number of other applicable vendors
  • Assisting clients in the preparation of personal budgets
  • Preparing financial reports to the finance department and Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada (AANDC)
As the Social Development Administrator, I am unable to discuss any other cases with clients other than their own.

Any complaints must be written in a letter format, signed and addressed to Social Development Administrator.
Income Assistance Objectives:
Social development is a last resort program that is designed to:
  • Alleviate hardship
  • Maintain functional independence on reserves that is comparable to the provinceEncourage greater self-sufficiency for First Nation individuals and communities
Client Responsibility:
The responsibilities of a recipient to continue their eligibility for income support are:
  • Demonstrate in the proper manner that he/she has explored all resources of self-support and provide evidence in support of his/her application 
  • Declare full household income including ones self, spouse and other dependant’s
  • Cooperate in determining eligibility for income support benefits by providing all necessary information.
  • To use the income support given for the intended purpose; for example (In the best interest of his/her family)
  • Client must report immediately to administrative authority if there are any changes in income, composition of family, personal/real-estate assets, and any other major circumstances which would require adjustments to in income support entitlement
  • Client must accept reasonable employment, vocational training and or rehabilitation services leading towards self-support
Make referrals to clients to services offered by Pabineau First Nation or other services such as:
  • Strive for Wellness group
  • Mental Health
  • Counseling