Constance Sewell (Connie)
Human Resources Director

Under the authority of the Pabineau Band Council, the Human Resource Director is responsible for supporting the Chief and Council, for managing employees in all aspects of administration from hiring, to disciplinary, contracts, managing time, and updating policies as well as any other administrative requirements as directed by Council.


The employee will be accountable to the Chief and Council.

The key responsibilities of this position will include, but are not limited to, the following:
Assisting the Chief and Council in the development and updating of policies as well as the enforcement of policies;

  • Performing the function of developing job descriptions, job postings, and assist Chief and Council in the hiring process;
  • Ensure that the proper disciplinary actions are taken when employee’s do not follow the policies and procedures outlined;
  • Track personnel leave and vacation and ensure that people take the required time that they are allotted;
  • Complete contracts for seasonal workers as per policy;
  • Assist in any job performance assessments done on staff;
  • Keep up to date on provincial and federal employee regulations;
  • Ensure an efficient filing system for employee records and documents;
  • Monitor staff to ensure they are working and report any problems encountered to Chief and Council;
  • Attend a variety of meetings and events when requested to do so by the Chief and Council;
  • Ensure the respect of confidentiality in dealing with documentation and in delegating work;
  • Assist program directors and Chief and Council in preparing presentations, announcements, and speeches as required;
  • Undertake training to enhance your skills in this position (e.g., attend writing, computer, and/or communications courses at the Bathurst Community College, University of New Brunswick, or via the internet);
  • Review the Pabineau First Nation website on a regular basis to become familiar with all positions, programs, and services of the Pabineau First Nation as well as send in required updates to the Web Site
  • Use email, a vital communication tool, to forward notices, information, and messages to staff and band members living both on and off the reserve
  • All other tasks as assigned by Chief and Council
  • Volunteering: The Chief and Council are looking for a person who will “volunteer” to participate in after-hour activities to help our community grow.
  • Effective Team Working: The successful candidate will direct his or her efforts towards team success, accept and act upon team decisions, and achieve the required quality and quantity of work without prompting.