Cora Drysdale
Director of Finance

The Finance department of the Pabineau First Nation is required to prepare and maintain accounting data and perform a variety of administrative duties to support the work of the Chief and Council.  The Finance department plays a key role in the Administration of the Pabineau First Nation by ensuring that all the financial responsibilities of the Pabineau First Nation are effectively and efficiently met. 

As the Director of Finance, I work under the direction and guidance of and report directly to the Chief Financial Officer.

The key responsibilities of the Director of Finance include, but are not limited to, the following:
  • Performing financial management functions to ensure that all revenue and expenditures are managed in accordance with legislation, recognized policies and procedures, and generally accepted accounting principles
  • Preparing and maintaining accounting records, statements, and financial information
  • Preparing and maintaining payroll records, including Records of Employment, T4s, T4 Summaries, and weekly payables
  • Maintaining backup files to support monthly financial statements
  • Assisting the Chief Financial Officer in preparing the annual and monthly budgets and maintaining expenditures within these budget throughout the fiscal year
  • Establishing and maintaining internal controls to ensure departmental compliance with financial and human resources legislation, policies, and procedures
  • Reviewing and comparing actual expenditures with annual and monthly budgets and reviewing with the Chief and Council the details and of any variances
  • Establish and maintain information-filing systems for the Pabineau First Nation
  • Prepare monthly and annual financial statements according to the specifications of the Pabineau First Nation, the “Accounting Guide for First Nations” (INAC), and all funding providers.
  • Work with the program and financial personnel of all funding providers, including INAC, Health Canada, DFO, etc..
  • Assist the Chief Financial Officer and auditor in year-end audit-preparation
  • File and maintain all Contribution Agreements of the Pabineau First Nation, ensuring that all guidelines and reporting requirements are met
  • Maintain a level of confidentiality with all issues related to the Finance department