Marie Kryszko
Elder/Traditional Knowledge Keeper
Mi’kmaq Cultural Coordinator

Kwe, niin teluisi Marie Stella Kryszko, I am the Mi’kmaq Cultural Coordinator (MCC) in Oinpegitgoij (Pabineau) First Nation. I’ve been following my cultural way of life for over 30 years.

As MCC, I’ve held many cultural activities, workshops, and ceremonies not only in my community, but also, in Natoaganeg, Fort Folly, Metepenagiag and our local schools.

Mentorship with a few fellow co-workers.

I can honestly say, I’ve very proud of the accomplishments completed, in spite of some challenges; nevertheless, facing those challenges along the way with grace and strength.

I’ve promoted, shared, supported, and completed the Mi’kmaq Child & Family Services goals, objectives and the important roles we play as cultural coordinators.

I’ve successfully accomplished my work plans, over and above my expectations, and I’ve incorporated cultural healing practices/teachings in my work. It is an honour to live with traditional values as a way of life.

I am grateful and thankful for this opportunity to share with an open heart and open mind. To our communities, to our children, to our youth, and to our parents. This work is important part of providing these cultural practices for healing our people, our community, and our nation.