Nukumi House

The Vision: The Nukumi House concept is of a Family Resource Centre designed for children, youth and families, located within their First Nation Community. Creating a homelike atmosphere is essential so the house would include a large living area designated as the gathering place where elders and members of the community would meet to teach, support and inspire traditional practices and cultural values.

The Services: Nukumi House could offer emergency shelter and respite care when needed; it can also provide counselling services, life skills and educational training, workshops, language teachings and other clinical, therapeutic and cultural services as part of the programming offered. Depending on the needs of the community and the space available, youth coordinators can offer play activities at Nukumi House.

The Environment: Nukumi House can have an outdoor environment designed to incorporate important traditional practices as part of the healing process. These might include having a teepee, a sweat lodge, a small outdoor classroom and natural play spaces for the children to be able to continue to play and learn while they are there.

It could be permanently occupied by one or two resource persons who would reside in one area of the home. The house could be divided in 2 or 3 separate pods including one particular area designed to accommodate children and/or other family members needing shelter and assistance for a short-term period while in the process of finding longer-term solutions.