Felicia Mae Galbraith
Director of Education

Felicia Mae Galbraith is an L’nu (Mi’gmaq) woman from Oinpegitjoig L’Noeigati, Pabineau First Nation. Born and raised in Oinpegitjoig, Felicia grew up surrounded by birch trees, mayflowers and the stories told to her by her grandfather and mother, from ‘Nnu’egati.

Alumni of Mount Allison University, Felicia has her bachelor’s degree in art history and history. She was formerly the Nata’ilsuteget, the Indigenous Student Advisor at the Mi’kmaq Wolastoqey Centre at the University of New Brunswick. Felicia has a strong background in education, supporting indigenous students with their academics.

Felicia is passionate about education. She is determined to assist students with their journey primary, secondary and post-secondary education. She believes that education is power, and the key to breaking through challenges and barriers that first nation’s peoples often face.

Felicia is passionate about her culture and expresses it through artwork and by cultivating medicines. She is a writer and illustrator, who prefers historical fiction. She has returned to her community and lives with her husband, Jeremy Galbraith, and their infamous black cat, Sable.