Savannah Simmons
Director of Education
(506)-226-4148 or/ou (506)-548-9211

My name is Savannah Simmons. I currently work for the Pabineau First Nation as the Director of Education/Band Membership Clerk. As the Director of Education,  I provide assistance to the Head Start and Preschool staff and K-12 tutors. I coordinate with Pamela Armstrong and Robert Breckenridge, our tutors, to provide activity nights for our students at the Band Hall. Pamela and Rob also offer support to our students throughout the school year to provide our youth with the educational tools and guidance they may need. The Pabineau First Nation community is grateful to have this support system in place as it is a great opportunity to offer support and ensure the educational attainment of our youth.

I am a liaison between the Anglophone North School District and Pabineau First Nation. I meet with the Chief, Council, and Superintendent regularly to ensure that the Education Re-investment Strategy is effective in providing special educational services to our students. I am also on the Board of Directors at F.N.E.I.I. and continue to support the on-going work and objectives for improving our student’s educational experiences. I keep track of the students who are enrolled in public schools and the transition center to ensure that our nominal roll is up-to-date, student fees are paid on time, and that parents receive school supply allowances. I also assist in addressing any issues at the school level.

I host the community Education Gala each year to recognize the academic achievements of our community members from the pre-school level to University/College levels. I also prepare a new poster of role models in our community to present at this event. I prepare and submit proposals and reports such as the Youth Employment Strategy and Aboriginal Languages Initiative. I also provide administrative support to the Chief and Council as needed.
In addition to the education department, I am also the community Band Membership Clerk. I work in partnership with the Pabineau First Nation Band and Indigenous Services Canada as an Indian Registration Administrator (IRA). As an IRA, my roles and responsibilities are but not limited to; maintaining the Indian Register (such as records of death, marriage, divorce, birth, addition to membership, band change reporting, issuing status cards to pre-existing registered indigenous status holders, as well as helping band members/individuals who are interested in applying for Indian status or status cards with applications to Indigenous Services Canada). As an IRA, one of my main responsibly is to issue certificates of Indian status.

If you or anyone you know has any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me.  I look forward to providing support to yourself, a family member, or friend.

Wela’lin, msit no’kmaq