Carolyn Fraser

Throughout my campaign to pursue the councillor position, I vowed to be a part of giving the community’s people a chance to live the healthiest, most fulfilling life, even when the stakes are challenging. Our community faces homelessness, poverty, unemployment, addictions, low income, food bank shortages and much more.

I am a representative of my people. Growing up, I didn’t face the same challenges that my community may have faced as children and families. When I moved back to Pabineau as a teenager knowing full well that my cousins had been taken into foster care, this terrified me. That is a part of our history that we will never forget. Even though I did not experience it, I strongly empathize with my connections within the community that did. My heart breaks for the history of foster care and this is the root in my heart for empowering our people. I have been on the reserve since the early 1980’s and have watched jobs become more available. Our community has increased our efforts in working together and improving resources for young families. Together we have built up the seafood market, gas bar, and a stronger more unified voice. As we continue to work together, more exciting opportunities are on the horizon.

A few ways that I as the Health Liaison/Councillor work with the community is to coordinate with the healing team to facilitate community events. Through sickness and in health I work with our team to ensure that the community is enriched, encouraged, mentored and healed during life’s highs and lows. A few examples of this is when a community member passes away we come together to offer support and resources for all that are grieving. With COVID-19 we organized the educational resources and vaccination distribution throughout the community. One of our favourite events, although missed during this season, is our Walk-in Breakfast. Pabineau would gather with the locals to share over breakfast. Frequently the RCMP and other organizations would join in to spend quality time getting to know our people. We encourage this because we wanted to foster positive relationships with the RCMP and other members who help facilitate the breakfast. I believe that I play an essential role as being the go-to player. When we are in need, I will be there creating a common unity with support, love and prosperity at the forefront.

Some past positions I have held positions that make me an asset to this team are the Pabineau First Nation Band, Home Aide worker for the care of elders and persons with disabilities. I am ASIST trained, and I am trained as a Doula. I was also instrumental in reviving the Children’s Oral Health Initiative Program. I am very involved in the Healing Team partnership of the Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women Girls & 2 Spirited LGBTQ+. I coordinate our promotional events. I am a full-time board member of the Chaleur Resource Center for parents. All of these programs aim at promoting communication, family literacy, the development of emotional ties, health, and safety.
I will often say:

“I want everyone in the community to have a chance”.

To me this means we are always moving forward to a brighter future.