Susan Motty
Capital Construction Manager

Capital Construction Management contributes to the long term growth of the community and value of its capital assets. The Chief and Council have engaged me in the planning, development, and construction of a new storm sewer drainage system, new road work, and maintenance of all community buildings, new housing, renovations, and other valuable infrastructure projects.

The capital planning process begins with an idea. Once an idea is generated, it is incorporated into a Capital Community Plan, which is a strategic blueprint designed to map out the development and maintenance of community infrastructure. The goal is to improve upon the delivery of essential services to the community as well as the standard of living for those who reside within the Pabineau First Nation community.

There are many steps to be taken and hurdles to be examined before an idea can be developed into a tangible capital asset. With adequate planning, effective management, qualified engineers, and a good construction team, a good idea can become transformed into reality. In recent years, the collaborative efforts of the Chief and Council, Capital Construction Manager, and Economic Development Officer, have converted several foundational “ideas” into community-based capital development projects and infrastructure, including the following:

  • Expansion of community water distribution network
  • New Water Tower and Treatment Plant
  • Upgrade and expansion of community roads
  • New home construction
  • Housing renovations
  • Residential Rehabilitation Assistance (RRAP)
  • Home Adaptation for Seniors (HASI)
  • Survey work for roads, community buildings, and public utilities
  • Power line management
  • Environmental protection
  • Land designation for specific community use, intents, and purposes
  • Industrial park
  • New community kitchen