Accredited with Commendation

Pabineau First Nation Accreditation

Pabineau First Nation Has Achieved Accreditation Status in May 2019.
“Client and Family Centered Care, always caring, always here

On May 1st, 2019 Accreditation Canada granted us Accreditation with Commendation.
This “accreditation” is a process that uses National Standards of Excellence to enable organizations to improve the quality and safety of their services.

The standards are divided into nine sections:
Client Safety
Quality Improvement

Safe and Healthy Work life
Information Management
Physical Environment
Medication Management
Infection Prevention
Safe and Appropriate Service Delivery.

All standards are met and Accreditation Canada provided full approval January 12th 2021
The Health Center operated with the following Missions, Vision and Values statement

“A mutual purpose of creating, maintaining and promoting wellness, culture and respect in a family client centered care facility”

“A holistic approach to community wellness focused on the mental, physical, emotional and spiritual well-being of the community members and their families assisting us in building a healthy community”

“The Health Center promotes and facilitates Community wellness, culture and resilience in the spirit of family/ client centered care”