Oasapegal Heritage Park

The Pabineau Mi’gmag First Nation community is genuinely proud of its hunting, fishing, trapping, and gathering heritage.  Like our ancestors who, for untold centuries, have inhabited what is known today as Atlantic Canada, our local heritage remains anchored in our connection to our traditional lands and waters.  Among a number of salmon and trout-bearing rivers and streams that flow into the Bathurst Harbour and Bay of Chaleur, the lands and waters surrounding the Nepisiguit (Oinpegitjoig) River and Pabineau (Oasapegel) River watersheds have held a special significance for the members of the Pabineau First Nation.

The Pabineau River, a tributary of the Nepisiguit River, has historically been known to the Mi’gmag as “Oasapegel,” which, translated into English, literally means “flowing brightly.” The mouth of the Oasapegel (where it meets the Oinpegitjoig River) has, for untold centuries, been a sacred heritage site for the Mi’gmag.  A historic trail, which meanders along the Oasapegel, is accessible to all those who wish to hike through the natural beauty of the Oasapegel Heritage Park. The Oasapegel Heritage Park and hiking trail is situated on the Pabineau Falls Road.