January 2022

The month of January was a very eventful month filled with health and wellness. We had terrific progress at our Covid Clinic for Children, 1st timers, 1st and 2nd doses and Boosters Shots. We were able to supply the local community with at-home COVID Testing kits and have more available for families to take home to continue to monitor the state of their health and protect the community.

As we mourned the loss of our members, we, the healing team, hosted a sacred fire for four days and prepared food to deliver to the family to help aid the healing process. Losing someone is never easy, and we are here to support spiritually and emotionally each other.
We enacted the food security program to help those in need and those struggling at this time. Sometimes it’s the little things that go a long way. With the winter temperature constantly changing, as a community, we made sure to check in and see that our community was cared for. We have been providing boots, gloves, hats and mitts to those in need. As a healthy team this also means that we provided well-being checks for monitoring those effected by the temperature, those who live alone and have special needs.

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