Councillor Terry Richardson

My accomplishments for the Pabineau First Nation community:

  • Orchestrated a Pabineau-based Heavy Equipment Operator Course (5 people from Pabineau and three from Eel River Bar attended and became officially certified as Heavy Equipment Operators)
  • Sat on the Assembly of First Nation Chiefs in New Brunswick’s “Consultation and Accommodation” table with the Province of New Brunswick to ensure fair and equitable dealings between major industry players and First Nations are established and maintained on any developments planned or occurring upon traditionally occupied crown lands and waters.
  • Worked as the Capital Construction Coordinator to ensure that the water system project is advanced on schedule, as per specifications, and that employment opportunities are realized for community members
  • Assisted as the Project Manager for the construction of the Pabineau First Nation Community Health Center
  • Presently employed as the Mi’gmag Benefits Manager for Trevali Mines/Assembly of Mi’gmag Chiefs in NB, where I have, to date, assisted in the hiring of 9 Pabineau First Nation community members at the mine. (to date) and 31 from other local First Nations

Conducted three First Nations miner courses that led to the successful hiring of 25 first Nation miners 5 from the community of Pabineau. As well as organized a work to train program which led to the successful employment of two First nation water treatment plant operators, one from Pabineau. As well ran a Mill Operator course which led to the hiring of 22 Mill Operators.

  • Aggressively seeking out employment and contractual opportunities for our band members
  • Worked in hiring First Nation people at the Caribou Wind park - GDF SUEZ
  • Worked in hiring First Nations people at Acciona Wind Project in Lameque
  • Worked in finding employment for First Nation people with South Western Natural Gas
  • Worked as a First Nation Liaison with Ocean Spray
  • Fisheries Co-Ordinator for Pabineau First Nation
  • Assist in the day to day operations of the Pabineau Trucking company

While working in many of the capacities identified above, the Pabineau First Nation was able to charge the industry partners, various contractors, and subcontractors for my services, leaving, in many cases, little to no cost to the Pabineau First Nation.

Terry Richardson
1290 Pabineau Falls Road, Pabineau First Nation, NB E2A 7M3
office: 506 548-9211 fax: 506 545-6968