Councillor Terry Richardson

My name is Terry Richardson and I am running for "Council" in the upcoming 2016
Pabineau First Nation election.

By way of introduction, I have spent 25 years in the Canadian Armed Forces in a multitude of positions, mostly in the administrative and financial fields.  I have also had the opportunity to serve in many theatres of operations which, as one can imagine, are very demanding. For example, I served in the Gulf in the country of Qatar as a Nuclear Biological Defense operator. I also served in Sarajevo, the capital and largest city of Bosnia, in the construction and engineering field. I served twice in Afghanistan, the first time working in the finance department and later at the “OMLET,” where I worked on mentoring the Afghan army in the financial field. My second journey to Afghanistan was designed to assist in rectifying a 65 million dollar outstanding debt that Canada owed to the American army. In the two months that I was there, I was able to account for all but $5 million of this debt.

My intention in communicating this message to you are not to boast about my military achievements, but to ask for your support in the upcoming election. When I retired from the Canadian Forces in 2008, I was asked by Chief David Peter-Paul to bring my capabilities and work ethic to the Pabineau First Nation and work for our community. Since then, I have not only assisted in the social, economic, educational, employment, and infrastructural development of our community, but have also been involved in helping other First Nation communities and their people through my engagement with the Assembly of First Nation Chiefs in New Brunswick.

Terry Richardson
1290 Pabineau Falls Road, Pabineau First Nation, NB E2A 7M3
office: 506 548-9211 fax: 506 545-6968