Sports and Recreation

The Chief and Council of Pabineau First Nation have taken action towards making sports and recreation accessible to all of our community members. This has been an ongoing initiative and there has been a tremendous progress over the past year. We have had a lot of support from local businesses, grants, and support from our own community members as well.

During the winter of 2015-2016 the Chief and Council had supported a project to build an ice skating rink. Oscar Johnson of Pabineau took it upon himself to create and maintain a skating rink next to our baseball field. Through a combined effort between Oscar, Susan Motty, Chief & Council, an outdoor light was installed for the rink. Skates and snowshoeing equipment was also purchased that winter for community members to borrow. The rink was used on a daily basis and it was such a success that we have now built a fenced in rink with hockey nets. This project has brought a lot of joy to the children and families in this community and the Big River area.

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