Social Development Officer


Any complaints must be written in a letter format, signed and addressed to Social Development Administrator.

Income Assistance Objectives:

Social development is a last resort program that is designed to:

  • Alleviate hardship
  • Maintain functional independence on reserves that is comparable to the province
  • Encourage greater self-sufficiency for First Nation individuals and communities

Client Responsibility:

The responsibilities of a recipient to continue their eligibility for income support are:

  • Demonstrate in the proper manner that he/she has explored all resources of self-support and provide evidence in support of his/her application¬†
  • Declare full household income including ones self, spouse and other dependant's
  • ¬†Cooperate in determining eligibility for income support benefits by providing all necessary information.
  • To use the income support given for the intended purpose; for example (In the best interest of his/her family)
  • Client must report immediately to administrative authority if there are any changes in income, composition of family, personal/real-estate assets, and any other major circumstances which would require adjustments to in income support entitlement
  • Client must accept reasonable employment, vocational training and or rehabilitation services leading towards self-support

Make referrals to clients to services offered by Pabineau First Nation or other services such as:

  • Strive for Wellness group
  • Mental Health
  • Counseling
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