School Bus Driver

School Bus Rules - Conduct on the Bus

  • Obey promptly the directions and instructions of the school bus driver.  The students' first responsibility is to the bus driver
  • Remain seated throughout the trip and leave the seat only when the bus has reached its destination and comes to a complete stop
  • Keep books and parcels on your lap or put them under the seat.  Keep the aisle clear
  • Refrain from talking to the driver, except in the case of an emergency or if spoken to by the driver
  • Avoid anything which might disrupt the driver or interfere with their work
  • Refrain from loud or boisterous talking or yelling
  • Leave radios, CD players, and other such electronic devices turned off
  • Never smoke on the school bus
  • Open windows only with the driver's permission
  • Do not throw anything inside the bus or out the windows.  It might injure a student or pedestrian or force the bus driver or a motorist to make a dangerous maneuver.  Discard trash properly, do not litter
  • Use the emergency door or emergency windows only in an emergency
  • Remain seated until directed to vacate in case of an emergency
  • Eat at home or at school.  The school bus is not a cafeteria nor a place to discard refuse
  • Avoid damaging the seat upholstery - any willful damage will be paid for by the offender.

While crossing the highway, pupils should:

  • Always walk along the edge of the road until you are three meters in front of the bus, where the bus driver can have a clear view
  • Look at the driver for signal to proceed before crossing
  • Look both ways to see that all traffic has stopped
  • Proceed only when they way is clear in both directions
  • Continue to look left and right while crossing.  At an intersection, look in all directions
  • Walk, do not run, across the road
  • Never cross the road behind the school bus.
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