Nurse Practitioner

What are the benefits of nurse practitioners?

Nurse practitioners bring value to Canadians and their health-care system. Studies about the benefits of nurse practitioners and about patients’ experiences tell us that nurse practitioners:

  • involve patients in decisions related to their care
  • improve  access to primary health care
  • reduce pressures on the health-care system
  • are valued and trusted by patients
  • provide high-quality management of chronic illness (e.g., diabetes, high blood pressure)

Can nurse practitioners work in every province and territory?

Every provincial and territorial government has nurse practitioner legislation in place. There are close to 3,000 nurse practitioners in Canada. Although the largest number of nurse practitioners is found in Ontario, the nurse practitioner-to-person ratio is higher in the Northwest Territories and Nunavut.

Are nurse practitioners a new addition to the health-care system?

Nurse practitioners first appeared in Canada in the 1960s. The early nurse practitioners provided care in rural and remote areas. By the 1970s, interest in the nurse practitioner role increased and more education programs for the role were started. Today, nurse practitioners are seen as an important part of the health-care system.

CNA’s Nurse Practitioner Position Statement

CNA believes that the nurse practitioner role contributes significantly to improve timely access to individualized, high-quality, cost-effective care through a broad range of models of health care.

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