The Pabineau First Nation Chief, Council and Staff are committed to:

  • Improving and maintaining communication with all band members of Pabineau, both on and off reserve.
  • Providing a qualified, accountable, and transparent administration

Please help us by doing the following: 

  • Join the new Facebook page called “Pabineau First Nation”
  • View our website at
  • Provide your email and current mailing address to our receptionist

The Chief and Council hold an Annual General Meeting (AGM) for the band members of Pabineau First Nation. An AGM is a meeting held at band office and the Chief, Council, staff, and other professionals meet to provide updates on the social, economic, financial expenditures, and infrastructural growth of the Pabineau First Nation community. To maintain good communitication between band members, we now record the AGM live and provide DVD copies of the videos and powerpoint presentations to members who are unable to attend.

The AGM package is mailed or hand deliever in person to every band member.   

1290 Pabineau Falls Road, Pabineau First Nation, NB E2A 7M3
office: 506 548-9211 fax: 506 545-6968