Councillor Chris Turkenkopf

Capital Construction Management contributes to the long-term growth of the community and value of its capital assets.  In recent years, the Chief and Council have engaged me in the planning, development, and construction of a new community health center, a new water treatment plant, community owned and operated businesses, a variety of road work, new housing, housing renovations, and other valuable infrastructure projects.

The capital planning process begins with an idea. The idea is generated from a Capital Community Plan, a strategic blueprint designed to map out the needs for and effective and efficient construction and operation of community infrastructure. The goal is to improve upon the delivery of essential services to the community as well as the standard of community living.

There are many steps to be undertaken and hurdles to be examined before an idea can become a reality.  With adequate planning, effective management, qualified engineers, and a good construction team, a construction project “idea” can be effectively transformed into reality. In recent years, a collaborative team effort between the Chief and Council, Economic Development, and Capital Construction has brought to completion several “ideas” in recent years, including the following:

  • Community Water Project

  • New Reservoir and Water Treatment plant

  • Expansion of raw water line and distribution system

  • Upgrade and expansion of community roads

  • New Community Health Center

  • Pabineau Seafood Restaurant, Gas Bar, and Smoke Shop

  • RRAP/Housing/Surveying

  • New subdivision roads

  • Power line management

  • Environmental protection

  • Land designation

  • Industrial park
Chris Turkenkopf
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