Pabineau First Nation Logo Development Purpose

The assignment was to develop a Branding Identity for Pabineau First Nation in the form of a logo
which would move the First Nation community forward in the society at large.


Elements that have been taken into consideration in the development of the logo
are unique to the Pabineau First Nation community.

Rough Waters of the Nepisiguit River.
Salmon which reside in the Nepisiguit River.
People of the Pabineau First Nation community.

Rough Waters

The rough waters of the Nepisiguit River in our branding rationale represent the components
that make up community of Pabineau First Nation moving forward.


Salmon's hard work and perseverance in striving for new life and beginnings.

Pabineau First Nation Community

The people of Pabineau First Nation as a whole practicing common ownership of their home.

Visual Branding Concept

All three elements described earlier have been taken into consideration in the visual development of the logo.
The icon graphic is rendered in a native style. Blue salmon representing the rough waters of the Pabineau River
and the red salmon (the people of Pabineau First Nation) moving forward as a common group.
In the near future, the members of Pabineau First Nation will grow and a third coucillor will be required and is refelected in the logo with the blue salmon (councillors) and the red salmon (chief).

1290 Pabineau Falls Road, Pabineau First Nation, NB E2A 7M3
office: 506 548-9211 fax: 506 545-6968